Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun with social studies: The Vikings!

Social studies can be painfully dull if it involves reading a chapter from the textbook and answering questions on a worksheet. We do our best to have fun with learning around here. This is what happened when we studied The Vikings.

At the beginning of the year I purchased a download of Great Empires from Home School in the Woods. The Viking Empire is one of those covered in that activity guide.
Curly's description. 
The boys wrote descriptions of the Viking Longboats (this is an activity from the Great Empires unit).

Scootch's description (sorry the last line it cut off, and it does include the word pillaging!

 A trip to the library provided us with some books about Vikings.

We found several videos about Vikings and Viking Longships on Discovery Education (we have a subscription from our homeschool charter school).

Scootch decided to build a Viking Longship out of CitiBlocks.

 Even Little Miss wanted to get in on the action, "Take a picture of me and my blocks!"

The more we can do hands on projects to go with the lessons the more fun we have, and the more we learn! Now, on to medieval history, knights, castles, and feudalism!


  1. Great Lesson. We love our library for eyewitness books and Videos for sciences and social studies. History can be so fun!!

  2. We loved learning about the vikings:) My husband is a viking re enactor for a group in the UK. If you go to my blog you will see several viking posts on the side bar. Even a re enctment of a ship burning:)

    Loved the kids viking boat description:) and the wooden boat they did a great job