Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Ready for School to Start

We still have a couple of weeks left of summer (our official start date is August 30th), but I have been working to get things ready to go for when we start school again. I like to be organized but also find it hard to have the time to get and stay organized. With two active boys and a busy toddler, I know there is little chance of major organization once school begins.

We will be using all new curriculum this year. We are going to try an on-line charter school for the first time. The boys are enrolled in the California Virtual Academy (CAVA) which uses the K12 curriculum.

Here is some of what I have done in the last few weeks:

I set up the computer work stations for the boys. I found this great long desk top at Ikea for a good price. We had the one old Mac that the boys have been using, and K12 sent us a new desktop PC. This way both boys can do their on-line lessons at the same time. For now, they can both play games at the same time.

This is a kind of reference area. We have maps and globes, a microscope, science supplies and reference books such as dictionaries and atlases.

These are the shelves where I have all of the curriculum and my supplies. K12 sent us TONS of stuff. I'm pretty sure most of the worksheets will go unused, but there are great art supplies and hands on science equipment. The books for History, Science, Art, and Reading all look great. I like that they are not big text books, but collections of smaller books.

Each boy has a box of school supplies. There is a place to turn in completed work, and a place for me to keep assignments organized.

This is my work area. You can see that behind where I sit are the shelves that hold all of the books and supplies.

I have my computer to the right and will try to keep the desktop to the left of it clear so that the kids can come and sit there when they have work to do with me. We use the workbox system and they will each have "Mom" boxes that they will need to bring to me for us to do a lesson together. I am going to try out the rule that if I am sitting at my desk, I am available to do a "Mom" box.

This is about all I can do for now to get ready. Now we just need to take our trip to San Diego (Legoland, the Wild Animal Park, the beach) for our last bit of summer fun before school starts!


  1. I'm so impressed, Teglene! This looks like it will make school so much fun for the boys! I totally wish I could have homeschooled with you :)


  2. wow... you are supermom! i'm so impressed that you have the energy (and the discipline and organization) to homeschool your kids!!! nice work, mama/teacher!

  3. Dude - I'm with Kalin! Looks great! And I love how Shannon and Cleary are working so hard at their desks.... hahaha, I'm guessing they are plotting the death of future Peeps and other shenanagins!!!

  4. Looks like a great space for learning! I think we have that same microscope!

    I still have A LOT of organizing to do before we "officially" start our year. Guess I'd better get started...

  5. Your area looks great! I'm surprised to see all of the great stuff that was sent to you. Do you get to keep it free of charge or do you have to return it all when you're finished with it?

  6. K12 sent us a lot of curriculum, and since we are doing it through a charter school (in California it is Calif. Virtual Academy, CAVA) it is free. They sent us a desktop computer, and all of the curriculum including some math manipulatives, and supplies for art and hands on science. Some is consumable and some books we will ship back at the end of the year. A lot of the stuff you see in the photos is my own.