Thursday, May 6, 2010

Building the Garden: Day 1

My plan for a garden was pretty simple. Get some boards and build some raised beds and fence it in. My Mom loves projects like this and is really good at throwing things like this together for little or no cost. My husband has a complete inability to do things "half assed", which, by the way is an awesome quality to have.
What to use for fence posts?
My idea: "4X4's".
My Mom:"Douglas fir 4X4's" because they are the cheapest.
Pete: Search on the internet for at least 2 hours and do a thorough review of the pros and cons of pressure treated, cedar, redwood etc. Needless to say, we did NOT get douglas fir posts!

With a new and improved garden plan, and a shopping list in hand Pete and Cleary head out to the lumber yard. Meanwhile, Shannon and Cody (hired muscle) get to work on leveling the area where we will build.

What 8 year old boy does not like a chance to use a pick ax?

Shannon levels some dirt:

Cleary and Pete get back from the lumber yard. Much $$$ was spent. Nothing but the best!:

Ainsley helps out:

Pete gets things laid out:

Digging some post holes:

Cleary is proud of his work on the path:

By the end of the day Pete had all 4 corner posts set in concrete. So far so good!!

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