Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The latest dilemma: When to plant the garden?

On Monday afternoon it started to snow. We woke up Tues day morning to clearing skies and a couple of inches if fresh snow blanketing the new garden. "No planting until after Frog Jump" is the old adage here in Arnold. Frog Jump starts tomorrow. Will it be safe to plant in Friday DURING Frog Jump? Will it be like a rain dance, calling for more snow, if I break the rule?

I've gotten the following warnings from locals:

"Don't plant til after fair! One year, I planted during fair and it snowed! "
"I always wait until June 1.It always (mostly snows) at the end of May and used to kill of my I just wait and buy 6 packs or 4" plants and hope for LOTS of sun."

These are smart, trusted, long time Arnold residents. Such a dilemma!!

Well, the reality is that we have pumpkin plants that will not survive much longer in their little starter pots. Those things are growing like crazy! The tomatoes are not even ready to plant. I think we will likely split the difference and plant some things and hope for the best!

I'm hopeful this will be the last snow of the year, and I'm glad we got the garden built the one week it didn't snow. It sure does make for a pretty picture though!

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  1. I still think it's a bit early...and Frogjump is early this year. You could probably chance the pumpkins. I've heard you can make little individual "greenhouses" out of empty milk jugs by cutting the bottoms off of them. Good luck!